Season 3 Confirmed

If you had any doubt that Sam & Max would return, you can rest easy now. However, if you were holding out on buying a copy of Steve Purcell’s sketchbook The Effigy Mound, you are shut out of lick my friend, because they’ve all sold out. If it’s any consolation, here’s a French interview of Sam & Max translated into American!

6 Responses to “Season 3 Confirmed”

  1. Comment 1: Kerry said -

    Hella yes!

  2. Comment 2: eric said -

    they should make a sam and max season 3 with 5 episodes in it. and u can jump and walk and run that would be awsome?

  3. Comment 3: gabe said -

    And when will it be released?

  4. Comment 4: Sean said -

    There’s nothing I would want more than to jump, walk, and run. Please make it so!

  5. Comment 5: Allen said -

    I find it hilarious that you say “translated into AMERICAN”.

  6. Comment 6: Helen said -

    Hey!! Why there’re no more talks about Season 3 since May 2008?

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