Sam & Max Haberdashery!

In the most exciting turn of Sam & Max news ever…HAT SALE! Get ‘em quick, get ‘em cheap, and then get ‘em on your head! Comes in green and black! Act now!

4 Responses to “Sam & Max Haberdashery!”

  1. Comment 1: Bray said -

    Who cares about hats? Is Purcell gonna be at Comicon? Need me some autographz

  2. Comment 2: Jake said -

    Purcell will indeed be at Comic-Con. I don’t know if he has his own booth this year (he often does), but I am nearly entirely positive that he’ll be doing a signing or two at Telltale’s booth, and also, I think, an official Comic-Con signing.

  3. Comment 3: Jake said -

    (I might have just spewed out a ton of misinformation, but I’m doin my best here.)

  4. Comment 4: Bryan said -

    But here’s the important question: will he be wearing a hat?

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