Christmas in July!

The ever diligent folks at Telltale are ready to take orders for Season Two DVDs…and they’re free (minus the cost of shipping and handling) if you’ve already purchased Season Two! Also, check out the new soundtrack, poster (with option for signage), and case file! Consume already, damn you!

3 Responses to “Christmas in July!”

  1. Comment 1: Luke said -

    I was a huge fan of the FOX cartoon like 15 years ago and I’ve been thinking about buying the games. But how long is each episode? Like 2 hours? 4? 8?

    I figure you’d know.


  2. Comment 2: Sean said -

    Cool story bro.

  3. Comment 3: Desiree said -

    Get any Telltale episodes for just $5 each.


    promotion ends on June 17.

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