Open thread

Hey guys, how’s it going?

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  1. Comment 1: dunndada said -

    Going well! Happy to have the sun around more often; was sick of the rain. Just finished playing SnM episodes 1 and 2 on the Wii. Looking forward to 3 through 6. Got my hands on both copies of SnM comics finally. Looking forward in trying to get Percel’s signature on them someday.. hope..

  2. Comment 2: Sean said -

    We are all dead.

  3. Comment 3: Desiree said -

    Get any Telltale episodes for just $5 each.


    promotion ends on June 17.

  4. Comment 4: Jessica said -

    i love Sam and Max! I remember playing “Sam and Max Hit the Road” when I was kid. I also remember how sad I was when my younger brother left the CD ROM out in the sun and ruined it. There was no more Sam and Max after that : (

  5. Comment 5: Assaf said -

    all good thank god,
    how are you?

  6. Comment 6: AndrewL said -

    I’m good sir. Good to see at least one OG Sam & Max fan still around.

  7. Comment 7: David said -

    I’m here! Hi everyone! Stuff was happening in the background. I’m gonna go post about it now.

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