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"Kinda crowded in here already."
In Chariots of the Dogs, Sam and Max took a Time Elevator back to Situation: Comedy, only for past versions of themselves to steal it and return to the present, thus creating an alternate timeline.

[edit] Character Detail

To avoid confusion, we refer to the Sam & Max controlled in Chariots of the Dogs as Sam Prime and Max Prime and to the alternates as Sam X and Max X.

After taking the elevator back to Embarrassing Idol set in late 2006, Sam and Max Prime find the Soda Poppers, The Director and their past selves, Sam X and Max X. S&M Prime wanted the Recording Contract that Sam X had just won. However, S&M X did not want to trade (they needed the contract to meet with Myra) and nor did they have any questions about the future. However they eagerly stole the time traveling elevator from S&M Prime. Stranded in the past, S&M Prime were forced to go through the rest of Season One as well as the first three episodes of Season Two all over again (and somehow doing so without the Recording Contract).

When Sam Prime and Max Prime finally return to the spaceship, they trick Sam X and Max X into handing over the Recording Contract (which the Prime versions need to get rid of the youngest Pedro). Apparently, S&M X were searching for a way to get to the Moon (although this is strange, because they don't have any reason to go to the Moon until the finale of Season One, which they have not reached and now never will). S&M Prime tell S&M X that they need a time traveling phone booth and they should enquire with "Agent Superball" in the future. However, Agent Superball has been erasing the memories of anyone asking about time travel, so S&M X come back mind-wiped and easily tricked into trading the precious Recording Contract. Later, when the spaceship would be destroyed, S&M X used the elevator to flee.

While Sam and Max Prime were engaged in the events of The Devil's Playhouse, Sam and Max X were elsewhere having adventures of their own. At some point, Sam X was transformed into a giant monster with electromagnetic powers and Max X was forced to destroy him. After this, Max X took the time elevator and used it to locate Sam Prime at the end of The City that Dares Not Sleep. After an uneasy silence following their mutual admission of killing each other, Sam Prime and Max X join up. Depending on a dialog choice made by the player earlier in the episode, Sam and Max either walk into the city to fight crime or take off in the Time Elevator for more adventuring.

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