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A close up from inside Bosco's.

Banang is a tangy banana-flavored powdered drink mix which Sam & Max find useful in Moai Better Blues, as the Ocean Chimps love it. Sam seems slightly obsessed with it, as seen in a popular gag in Chariots of the Dogs. Max at first found it humorous, but quickly lost interest. Due to Max's distaste for Sam's obsession, Max unplugged the BLU Dispenser in Beyond the Alley of the Dolls after Sam continuously hit it with a wrench causing it to dispense a bottle of Banang.

Banang has since become a way for Telltale games to communicate the interlinked nature of all their franchises and that all their episodic adventures are actually forming one giant over arching plot set in different repeating cycles of the universe.

Banang is probably based on Tang.

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