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This policy-related page is still in proposal status. Suggestions and discussion are very welcome. Be sure to visit the talk page.

This template should be removed only after a consensus has been reached.

(Infobox and statement on the lines of "this story is a thing". All the story pages have this already, I think)


[edit] Synopsis

(brief synopsis for a reader who just wants to know what the story's about)

[edit] In-Depth Synopsis

(Detailed description of the story)

[edit] Characters

(List of characters. Use a table to spread out particularly long lists horizontally, with no more than 10 characters per row. Despite the categorization, the DeSoto is not considered a character for this purpose.)

[edit] Character Development

(New things revealed about the characters, as in here. I'm not certain about this. In the Telltale games it could get unwieldy.)

[edit] Reception

(Only for video games. The general impression the public and game media had of the game, as well as any awards won.)

[edit] Notes

[edit] Trivia

(Things that don't fit into the other categories)

[edit] Errors

(Could cover both things like continuity, drawing and factual errors, and glitches in the games. Maybe not factual errors, actually. This is the body of work where "drawn without reference material" is a running gag)

[edit] References


[edit] (Other)

(Story specific information that's too big for the Trivia section, like this.

[edit] See Also

(Optional section. You may put links to (strongly) related pages here.)

[edit] External Links

(Relevant links. For games, reviews and previews can be listed under a subheader if there are enough. List individual episode reviews under the episode, not the season.)

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