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Video game
† {{{Image}}}
Developer † {{{Developer}}}
Publisher(s) † {{{Publisher}}}
Designer(s) † {{{Designer}}}
Villain † {{{Villain}}}
Musical number † {{{Song}}}
Release date
Video Games
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† {{{Episode list}}}

This is a beta version of the video game template. Someone who actually knows wiki code should take a look at it. We'll probably need a few extra fields, and possibly variable colors or somesuch.

[edit] Syntax

{{Infobox VG
| Title        =
| Image        = †
| Caption      =
| Developer    = †
| Publisher    = †
| Designer     = †
| Villain      = †
| Song         = †
| Release      = 
| Prev         =
| Next         =

[edit] Usage

Parameters in bold are required fields.

Parameter Explanation
Image Box art, official logo or other image relevant to the game. Don't put the caption in here. Should be resized to a width of 300 pixels or below.
Caption A caption explaining the image.
Developer Wikilink (if Telltale or LucasArts) or name of the developer.
Publisher Wikilink (to wikipedia if not Telltale or LucasArts) or name of the publisher.
Designer The (lead) designer(s) of the game. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br/>).
Villain The main villain.
Song A link to the game's big musical number, if any.
Release The original release date(s).
Prev Wikilink to the game.
Next Wikilink to the next game.
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