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Want to contribute, but don't know where to start? Click on one of the red links below to start a page on the subject. Alternatively, check the following categories to see which existing articles need to be worked on.

Category:Article stubs
Category:Incomplete lists
Category:Needs image
Category:Needs synopsis

Editors: Remember to remove links as they turn blue.


[edit] Fanstuff

We're trying out a fanstuff section. Help us make it successful.

[edit] Merchandise pics

The merchandise section feels a bit half done at some places. We could use pictures or better pictures for the following:

Also, let us know of any missing Clothing or Buttons, Pens, and Other Trinkets.

[edit] Text lifted from Wikipedia

Many of our most important pages have a lot of text lifted from Wikipedia (often cleaned up, a bit reorganized and updated, but still mostly the same). This is embarrassing, not always good quality and forces us to acknowledge them at the bottom of those pages. Let's do something about this. The pieces of text that are mostly from Wikipedia are:

  • Sam & Max (franchise) - The opening section and Major adventures (the Major adventures section is probably better off deleted anyway).
  • Sam & Max Hit the Road - The opening section, the Finale part of the synopsis, the first line of the Reception section, the first two pieces of Trivia and the second item under References.
  • The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police - everything except Tie-in comics, Series Bible, DVD and External Links. Keeping the Episode list should be fine if we replace or remove the summaries.
  • Sam & Max Season One - everything except Overall plot, Characters and External links. Keeping the Episode and machinima lists should be fine if we replace or remove the overview lines.
  • Sam & Max Season Two - the first part (before Overall plot) and the Episode list (but again only the overviews should have to be changed there)
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police (Video Game) - The opening section and the first part of the Overview section (up to Plot)
  • Steve Purcell - the Career section, except the last two lines
  • LucasArts - almost everything

(Keep in mind that the Wikipedia pages have often changed after the text was lifted from them. The pages not looking alike doesn't mean much or change anything. Don't remove infoboxes, those are fine.) This is a bit of a long-term project. Don't rush.

[edit] Characters

Category:Hit the Road Characters

[edit] Real world

[edit] Help pages

We've recently imported a bunch of Help pages, but there may be some need for customization, cleanup and adding-to.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Expand To-Do List
  • Update To-Do List
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